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Frequently Asked Questions

What do midwives do?
Midwives care for pregnant women before, during and after birth. They promote natural, healthy birth and care. They still perform medical procedures such as blood tests and fetal heart tone monitoring in order to help insure a success delivery.
What about pain management and comfort measures?
There are many ways to deal with pain management in labor. Some of the most effective and safest methods are those used routinely in birth centers. Many research studies have shown these to be very effective: continuous labor support by a caring, knowledgeable person; movement and position changes; touch and massage; acupuncture or acupressure; childbirth education; water baths; hypnosis; aromatherapy; music; and patterned breathing and relaxation techniques. There are other methods of pain relief used mainly in hospitals, because they involve more risk to mothers and babies. These include epidural or spinal anesthesia and narcotic medications. The methods of pain relief used at the Birth and Wellness Center are very safe to mother and baby, and helpful in the management of labor pain.
What happens if there is an emergency?
The safety of our clients and babies is paramount. Our goal is a healthy mom and baby. We work in collaboration with the healthcare providers within the community in order to provide healthy outcomes. Low risk, healthy women deliver at the Birth & Wellness Center. Our midwives attend to laboring women throughout the entire duration of her labor and birth, monitoring both her and her baby very closely. Most births remain low risk throughout. The midwives work with Obstetricians who accept transfers to the hospital whenever necessary. Our midwives are extremely well trained in emergency procedures and are able to handle most situations. When a transfer is necessary, the midwife always accompanies you and your loved ones to the back-up hospital and OB care.
Do you provide lactation support?
We are proud to have a nearly 100% initiation rate for breastfeeding. Our midwives are very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, and education and support are provided to clients during pregnancy and the postpartum period. In addition, the Birth Center has on staff a full-time board certified lactation consultant with more than 20 years of experience. A breastfeeding class is offered as part of the Childbirth Education series, as well as specialty class offerings for breastfeeding mothers. Individual consultations and telephone counseling are available as needed to help our moms and babies enjoy successful breastfeeding experiences.
Can we bring the baby for a well-baby checkup?
We do not care for newborn babies like pediatricians do. Immediately after birth, our midwives examine the baby to determine his or her size, weight, breathing abilities, and general health and appearance, however, you must visit with your pediatrician within 48 hours of birth. We do offer a weekly mom's support group to help mothers and babies, and our postpartum care includes mom and baby. We are always here for questions before or after birth.