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Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a unique and special time for a family, and at Gentle Journey Midwifery & Birth Center (formerly the Birth and Wellness Center of Gainesville), we honor the fact that each woman has different needs and desires during her pregnancy. Our midwives strive to assist the family in creating the best experience they can have throughout their pregnancy and birth. Prenatal care at the Birth Center consists of private appointments with a midwife beginning around 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy and continuing on until 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. Visits begin with a one-hour initial interview and physical examination, with following visits lasting 30 minutes and scheduled to ensure comfort and familiarity with our intimate staff of midwives. Clients are welcome to bring family or friends to visits if desired.

Prenatal care with our midwives includes medical testing*, discussion, advice, and support on all of the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Blood pressure
  • Routine lab work
  • Genetic testing, if desired
  • Glucose levels
  • Fetal size and positioning
  • Fetal heart tones (via doppler and/or fetoscope)
  • Ultrasounds
  • Pregnancy management and family concerns
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Emotional changes
  • Other various health concerns

Prenatal care also consists of attendance of our Childbirth Education classes taught by one of our midwifes at the Birth Center; see Classes & Workshops for more information.